Change in prices

December 28, 2012

Edit 2013-02: A few of the prices have changed again.

Prices have changed as of today, for both dining and carryout. Some prices have changed, some have not. Please check the carryout page for the updated menu prices.


IMPORTANT!: Notice to people who pay with credit cards

August 17, 2008

For people who use credit cards at our restaurant, credit card companies will hold 20% of your money for around three days.

Example: If your bill was $20.00, then when you check online, the total will be $25.00.

The reason for this is credit card companies believe the most a person would leave as a gratuity would be 20%, and as such, hold that money for around 3 days. We will not charge anyone in excess of the amount on the bill, and the credit card companies will return your money in around 3 days (or charge you more if you leave more than a 20% gratuity–what you paid will show as the new balance).

Please check your online statements accordingly, and THEN call the restaurant if there is still a discrepancy after a week, thanks.


June 19, 2008

Welcome to the Yangtze Chinese Restaurant Website! Please check the tabs for contact information as well as the carryout menu.  Please leave any constructive comments you might have on the comments page. Thanks!

2008-08-10: New carryout menu, please use the one provided on this site or visit the restaurant to obtain a current one.